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It will come as no surprise if Eagles have first-round trade

With the virtual draft now a week away, the Eagles are trying to cover all their bases. They will have many mock drafts by the start of the first round, and the NFL will have a run-through, too, to check the technology.

“We’ll have fun making some mock trades,” Eagles General Manager Howie Roseman said in a conference call Thursday.

But, of course, he will.

Roseman has made a first-round trade six times in nine seasons as G.M.

The Eagles have eight picks after giving up two to get cornerback Darius Slay.

“I think that when we look at that [Slay] trade, we valued that trade based on the other option to us that was there in free agency, how many we were going to have to spend the first three years of that deal, and then what we can get with the money that we kind of saved, and was that worth the value of the draft picks,” Roseman said. “I think when we are moving up in any round – first round, second round, third round, fourth round – I think we just look at the value of the player, where the board drops off. If we see a big gap and there’s a big drop off, then we’ll look at that. If we feel like there’s a group of guys that we really like that we can choose from, then we’ll probably stay put or move back.

“I remember in 2010 when we traded up for Brandon Graham and then we moved back in the second round and got some of those picks back. There’s ways to do that. There’s different ways to go through this draft process, and we’ll be ready for all those opportunities.”