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Ben Roethlisberger is excited for Tom Brady, Bruce Arians, Byron Leftwich

Throughout his career in Pittsburgh, Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger has struggled to get past the Patriots and Tom Brady. So, surely, Roethlisberger is happy that Brady is gone from New England.

When Roehtlisberger was asked about Brady leaving the Patriots for the Buccaneers, however, Ben didn’t talk about what it means for him to have Brady out of the AFC. Instead, Ben focused on what it means for Brady to be with a couple of guys Roethlisberger knows very well.

“I was excited for him because I knew who he was going to play for in Bruce Arians,” Roethlisberger told SiriusXM NFL Radio. “And he’s going to enjoy the heck out of that because he was fun to play for.”

Roethlisberger played for Arians for five years in Pittsburgh, and some believe that Arians’ involuntary retirement of the team’s offensive coordinator was fueled by a belief that Arians and Ben had grown too close.

Leftwich works as Arians’ offensive coordinator in Tampa Bay, and Roethlisberger shared a tidbit regarding his former backup quarterbacks.

“I texted Byron and said, like, ‘Hey, don’t screw it up,’” Roethlisberger said. “And he said, ‘All I got to do is get out of the way.’ It’s going to be good for him. I’m excited for all of them.”

Ben also should be excited for himself. As he tries to re-establish his career after missing most of 2019 due to an elbow injury, Roethlisberger won’t have to worry about Brady and the Patriots — unless Ben and the Steelers return to the site of their most recent Super Bowl win, with Brady, Arians, Leftwich, and the Bucs waiting for them.